[Evolution] Evolution from CVS finally working -- few bugs to report

So I finally got evolution to compile from CVS. The compile process died
in because make tried to do a "make all" in the intl directory, and the
Makefile there was empty. I had run:

./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-pilot-conduits=yes

I finally edited the top level Makefile to removed the intl entry from
the SUBDIRS list. Then Evolution compiled just fine.

Now my message composer is working again and does not die when I hit the
return key. However, when I double-click on a message to view in a
separate window, the window comes up empty. Then I hit the message in
the back and forward arrow buttons, and the message shows. The message
shows up in the preview pane though. It doesn't appear only when i
double-click on it. That is my preferred way of reading mail; I don't
like the preview pane.

Thought I would report this.


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