Re: [Evolution] Continuing strange GPG behavior

On 20 May 2001 12:36:32 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

Replying to a PGP signed message results in a composition window without
the original text.

This will only happen if you've decrypted the original text (if not,
then I guess it just doesn't work. Danw says we should do this, I'm not
so certain... but whatever).

Minor point - I wasn't talking about replying to an encrypted message -
but I imagine the behavior is analogous - only include the original text
if it's been verified (which is good, I think).

As a related note - Evo should have an option to automatically sign
responses to signed messages and encrypt responses to encrypted messages
(seems logical, doesn't it?)

I'm still waiting anxiously for a way to turn on signing/encrypting by

Ah, you need to change Type to 4 since I added a type for PGP 6.5.x,
GnuPG was bumped to 4 instead of 3. See if that solves the problem.

Changed the type - no difference in behavior.  Are there any package
versions I should check?  Also - is there a way to turn on debug logging
for the PGP code (without recompiling)?


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