Re: [Evolution] Continuing strange GPG behavior

On 19 May 2001 16:42:11 -0700, Dan Berger wrote:
I've mentioned this before, but after installing the latest version via
Red Carpet and seeing no positive change, I figured I'd ask again.

Evo no longer seems to correctly handle PGP mail sitting in my folders.
Signed messages aren't being verified, and encrypted messages are
displaying the encrypted text rather than prompting for a passphrase to

Hmmm, this should work... it does for me

Replying to a PGP signed message results in a composition window without
the original text.

This will only happen if you've decrypted the original text (if not,
then I guess it just doesn't work. Danw says we should do this, I'm not
so certain... but whatever).

In case it matters, I've got several (3) accounts configured.

nah, this shouldn't make a difference.

The relevant sections of the evolution/config/Mail file are:


Ah, you need to change Type to 4 since I added a type for PGP 6.5.x,
GnuPG was bumped to 4 instead of 3. See if that solves the problem.

which I haven't changed since the first install I performed.

If I PGP sign or encrypt a message, Evo does the right thing.  Also,
signed messages in my sent folder *are* correctly verified - it just
doesn't seem to be working with anyone else's key. 

hmmm, weird. Now I'm really confused. Try the 'type' change I suggested
and see if that works.


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