Re: [Evolution] Calendar and Contact problems

On 19 May 2001 10:56:33 -0700, Ujwal Sathyam wrote:

Do I really need to upgrade glibc, which every program needs, in order
to see my contacts?

How about downloading and compiling the source for db3-utils? I have 
found that in many cases, some newer RPM packages demand glibc2.2, 
but the source compiles against glibc2.1 just fine. Of course, your 
rpm database gets out of whack then.

Yeah, I've had problems in the past with the RPM database for that
reason. I have done a few installs by SRC rpm, or source, and could
probably do it again. Of course, ideally, Evo will go back to using the
db structure that it used to use (and that I have), and - hopefully - it
will become a non-issue.

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