Re: [Evolution] src rpm and code hacking

1) I'd like to rebuild the ximian evolution rpm to allow palm pilot
conduits.  Unfortunately I can't find the src rpm anywhere (tried and and the source doesn't come with a spec
file.  Could someone point me to one or the other?

  Our build system doesn't use specfiles.

  Maybe you could just wait for the newer snapshots.

2) I'm giving some serious thought to hacking on the code and before I
begin I need to know what the plans are and where what I may do will
fit in.  For instance, what are the future plans for the

  The Executive Summary will be replaced with a simpler component with a
hardcoded layout, rather than the current hyper-configurable view.  (The
hyper-configurable one will probably come back again at some point after
1.0, but we have decided to drop it for now.)

Will you be able to display Calendar/Task info by


How are the contacts going to be integrated with the task
details (the button currently doesn't do anything)?  

  You will be able to select addresses from the addressbook selection
dialog (i.e. the same that the mailer uses).

How are you planning to implement groups for E-mail addresses?  

  Chris Lahey and Jon Trowbridge are adding support for this as we
speak.  I don't know the details of the implementation though.


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