[Evolution] src rpm and code hacking

I have 2 questions:

1) I'd like to rebuild the ximian evolution rpm to allow palm pilot
conduits.  Unfortunately I can't find the src rpm anywhere (tried
ximian.com and rpmfind.net) and the source doesn't come with a spec
file.  Could someone point me to one or the other?

2) I'm giving some serious thought to hacking on the code and before I
begin I need to know what the plans are and where what I may do will
fit in.  For instance, what are the future plans for the
Executive-Summary?  Will you be able to display Calendar/Task info by
category?  How are the contacts going to be integrated with the task
details (the button currently doesn't do anything)?  How are you
planning to implement groups for E-mail addresses?  Things like that.
Once I know what the structure will be, I can make sure that whatever
I do will fit in.


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