Re: [Evolution] src rpm and code hacking

On 17 May 2001 12:10:55 -0500, Thomas R. Shannon wrote:
I have 2 questions:
... How are the contacts going to be integrated with the task
details (the button currently doesn't do anything)?  How are you
planning to implement groups for E-mail addresses? ...

I can give something of an answer to these two bits.  They're both being
worked on right now by Jon Trowbridge.  Both are going to be implemented
with a GUI something like the one you get when you click the To: button
in the mailer.  The one for groups of E-mail addresses is going to be a
bit different, but mostly the same.  The problem Jon is currently
working on fixing is making them be serializable so we can store them in
a string and then later open them again and have everything be

Once Jon is done, the work to add the GUI to tasks should be almost
completely trivial.  The only difficulties in doing E-mail addresses is
going to be changing the GUI, but I should probably be the one to do


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