Re: [Evolution] Signature Files and HTML by default

Random sigs is what it's all about ;-)

the first mailer I wrote had a built-in feature for that...


On 17 May 2001 09:43:08 -0700, Karel P Kerezman wrote:
On 17 May 2001 07:11:44 -0700, Garrett Mickelson wrote:
Would it not be a good idea to have Evolution's mail account druid
search the user's home directory for a .signature file and then if
found, show it in an editable dialog box with their current signature,
and if not found the dialog box is empty. If the dialog box is empty,
then they can create a signature, or leave it blank. When saved it
creates both a ~/evolution/.signature_<account1>.txt and
~/evolution/.signature_<account1>.html. For each new account, it creates
two new signature files. Delete an account and those signature files are

Count me as someone less-than-enthused about that idea. I use gensig to
randomize my sigs, so having Evo attempt to perform sig management would
probably be counterproductive in my case. I suspect there are other,
better sig management tools out there that would like this scheme even

Okay, so randomsig stuff is cheesy, but dammit there are lots of cheesy
folks out here in the big bad world. ;-)

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