Re: [Evolution] Signature Files and HTML by default

Would it not be a good idea to have Evolution's mail account druid
search the user's home directory for a .signature file and then if
found, show it in an editable dialog box with their current signature,
and if not found the dialog box is empty. If the dialog box is empty,
then they can create a signature, or leave it blank. When saved it
creates both a ~/evolution/.signature_<account1>.txt and
~/evolution/.signature_<account1>.html. For each new account, it creates
two new signature files. Delete an account and those signature files are

Garrett Mickelson

On 16 May 2001 15:31:23 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On 16 May 2001 10:12:31 +0200, Juan Alonso Hernández wrote:
I've reported this problem earlier and it seems to have been fixed

This happens when you have checked HTML by default, and you have
previously selected a .txt file for signature: 
behavior it had before: 
you tried to compose a new message and evo warns he can't find file
<you-had-selected>.html. The new window message opens without any

behavior it has now:
you try to compose a new message and evo warns he can't find file
<you-had-selected>.html but when the new message window opens it has the

I think evo should try to open the file you just specified, or maybe evo
should save a copy of the signature always in html and parse it to .txt
when necessary.

Except that Evolution doesn't create the signature files, you do.

There is a fix for this and I presume that it's currently using it if
it's attaching the signature...


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