Re: [Evolution] Evolution a memory hog :-)

Ok, so thats approximately 20000 messages.

The memory overhead of the summary of that many messages is
approximately 1.8Mb.  Now, say conservatively each message contains 100
bytes of additional data (subject, from/to, etc), thats about 4Mb of
data, a bit more probably for memory overheads.

As chris pointed out there is shared memory, but its not much in the
grand scheme of things, on mine its about 7Mb.

I can't even start to work out how much space e-tree uses (the 'message
list' thing), the code is so damn stupidly complicated.  I estimate
about 100 bytes/node, so thats about 2Mb more.

So 'roughly' you're looking at less than 10Mb of memory resident data
(for the main data eaters); obviously the app is using a shitload more
than that, it would be interesting to see where its using it.  Although
I jusr ran a copy in memprof, and it was reporting considerably less
memory use than top was.


On 05 May 2001 13:23:21 +0930, Andrew Reid wrote:
On 04 May 2001 10:54:11 +0930, Not Zed wrote:

 - how many mailboxes do you have


 - how many messages are in each

About 2500 in half of them, about 50 in the others.

 - what type is each mailbox.

All mbox format.

   - andrew

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