[Evolution] Evolution a memory hog :-)

Just a comment that I thought that I'd make in passing...

While enjoy using Evolution as my mail client, I have one small gripe.

When running top (then S-M) I see evolution above X in memory usage.
I've got 128MB RAM on my notebook, and it's generally not a problem.

It worries me however that whenever the folders exceed a couple of
thousand messages, it bloats up. This could, and very well may be a beta

I'm prepared to live with it-- I'm putting another 128MB in there
anyway, it just concerns me that it's so big.

Can someone from Ximian clarify/comment on this? I noticed this with
Nautilus (which I promptly removed) too -- sucking up way too much

Evolution's a great product, well done. May the good work continue!

   - andrew

Andrew Reid                   email: andrew reid plug cx
                              www:   http://www.plug.cx
"If ignorance is bliss        phone: +61 401 946 813
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