Re: [Evolution] Evolution a memory hog :-)

This tells me nothing.

 - how many mailboxes do you have
 - how many messages are in each
 - what type is each mailbox.

For all I know you have a million messages, in which case that much
memory use is quite fair.

On 03 May 2001 08:32:33 +0600, Bryan Klingner wrote:
Okay, here's what I get as far as memory usage:

X: 13484K
evolution:            7716K
evolution-address:    6252K
evolution-calendar:   5100K
evolution-executive:  4840K
evolution-mail:      50360K

What's up with that?
I'm using the lastest snapshot, RH 7.1, and checking my mail using IMAP.
Also, my messages don't seem to go out to the evo list. to do this I
should be sending them to evolution ximian com, right?


On 03 May 2001 18:49:04 +0930, Not Zed wrote:

Well how much do you mean by 'bloats up'?  Numbers?  How many messages,
how much memory, how many folders of what sort (local, imap, vfolder,
maildir, mbox, etc).

Also note that each evolution-mail instance is just a thread, so does
not consume 'n' amounts of that memory (where you have 'n' threads),
just one.

We've spent a long time making the mail backend as lean as possible
(right down to using custom memory allocators and whatnot, and not
duplicating common strings).  So basically its unlikely to get a whole
lot better (the tree view is still under some development too, but i
also doubt that will either).


On 03 May 2001 15:36:17 +0930, Andrew Reid wrote:
Just a comment that I thought that I'd make in passing...

While enjoy using Evolution as my mail client, I have one small gripe.

When running top (then S-M) I see evolution above X in memory usage.
I've got 128MB RAM on my notebook, and it's generally not a problem.

It worries me however that whenever the folders exceed a couple of
thousand messages, it bloats up. This could, and very well may be a beta

I'm prepared to live with it-- I'm putting another 128MB in there
anyway, it just concerns me that it's so big.

Can someone from Ximian clarify/comment on this? I noticed this with
Nautilus (which I promptly removed) too -- sucking up way too much

Evolution's a great product, well done. May the good work continue!

   - andrew

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