Re: [Evolution] Evolution a memory hog :-)

On 03 May 2001 08:32:33 +0600, Bryan Klingner wrote:
Okay, here's what I get as far as memory usage:

X: 13484K
evolution:            7716K
evolution-address:    6252K
evolution-calendar:   5100K
evolution-executive:  4840K
evolution-mail:      50360K

What's up with that?
I'm using the lastest snapshot, RH 7.1, and checking my mail using IMAP.
Also, my messages don't seem to go out to the evo list. to do this I
should be sending them to evolution ximian com, right?

Also, remember that these numbers include shared memory being used.
Looking at my top right now, for example, evolution-addressbook is using
7444K, but 5692K of that is SHARE.  This would suggest to me that it's
not quite as bad as you make it out to be and that perhaps the
executables other than evolution-mail aren't too much of a problem.


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