Re: [Evolution] deleting folders, maildir as default mail storage and M$ Exchange problems

On 03 May 2001 18:56:48 +0200, Juan Alonso Hernández wrote:
1. I can't find a way to delete a previously created folder. I think it
should be easier to do so (if it's possible)

It's not currently possible.

2. Also, why don't you use Maildir as the default mail storage system?

It makes it harder for people to switch from Evolution to other mailers,
which was more of a problem when people tended to switch back and forth
more often, I guess. No strong reason. It may change.

3. When I try to send an email throught an MS Exchange server which
doesn't allow sending email to another domain than evo gives
an extrange reason.

What reason does it give?

(neither Plain, MD5 or Digest mode works though. I
will ask our email admin about this).

It probably wants the nonstandard "LOGIN" extension, which will work
after Evolution 0.10.

-- Dan

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