Re: [Evolution] Nice one

Yeah its on my todo list.

Sorry about the mess, there was reason to it, but it didn't really work
and i haven't got around to fixing it again yet.  It will be fixed


On 24 Mar 2001 02:03:28 +0200, Sean Allen wrote:
Hi, I've been using evolution pretty much since 0.8 was first announced
and in the last two months, pretty much nothing else, brilliant, it's
great (beyond the odd mangled zip attachment and occasional killer
message), has all the functionality I need and the  gnu-pg, contacts and
scheduler work pretty well too, however (ahh)  latest (red-carpet
wise)'ve changed the progress popup...from a usability standpoint
the old way (total progress of messages downloaded) is much better, as
normally, Mail messages are fair;ly trivial in length, and I don't see
who would need an individual progress report on each message (or maybe
you guys and girls get much more interesting mail than I do)
thanks to all at Ximian (and all the hackers) for bringing us such a
wonderful application
Sean Allen

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