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To get the Visor USB to work requires a bit of kernel tweaking. Start by
getting the 2.4.2 kernel, then search around on the web for the USB
howtos and Visor howtos. You'll find a wealth of info.

Garrett Mickelson

On 15 Mar 2001 12:32:39 -0300, García, Edgardo wrote:
To Garrett:
So how did you sync your visor?

To anyone:
 I can't make it work with my palm IIIxe. The conduits don't even show up in
control panel. If I run them on an xterm they just display aborting... [\n]
Is there any env variable to make them display something more helpfull??


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Hey all,
I have been struck with a dilemma. I got the pilot conduits to work with
my handspring visor, and managed to sync. The problem though is that I
had duplicate names with differing information between Evolution and the
visor, so now I have multiple entries for the same person. The problem
with Evolution is that I can't seem to find a way to select multiple
contacts and delete them all at once. Trying this in table view using
the Ctrl key for multiple selections locked Evolution up. Is there a way
to do this? Is this something that can be looked into so that it may one
day be functional? Maybe as well, have the option to turn off the
confirmation dialog box when you go to delete a single record, as that
would speed it up a bit as well.
I'm not sure who is responsible for the conduits themselves, be it the
Evo team or another, so I'll post my idea here. It would be something
fantastic if the conduits had intelligent syncing. For example, during
the sync process, if you have the above mentioned situation, then a
dialog box would pop up saying something to the effect of: "You seem to
have differing entries for the same individual: <Last Name>, <First
Name>. What action would you like performed?" The radio buttons would
be: Merge Contacts into One Record, Replace Evolution Contact, Replace
Handheld Contact, Add Both Contacts. At the bottom have a Next button
and a Cancel button.

Comments, Flames, Burns, and Bright Ideas accepted with a grin....

Garrett Mickelson

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