[Evolution] Ghost folder's


The story that I'm about to tell you has already happened twice. It goes
has follows:

I have the folder and i normally read mail from it. One fine day the
folder bar says that i have mail on that folder. I switch to that folder
and ... nothing! No new messages no old messages everything is gone,
even though the mbox file has all the messages, etc.

I've tryed deleteing de ibex and ev-summary files to no result. Deleting
the folder and recreating it doesn't work either. Sometimes if i open
that particular folder in a new window I can see the messages.

Today it happened again (the second time) and i went a little bit
further and did the following:

1. stoped evolution
2. killev
3. mv evolution evolution.old
4. restart evolution and let it create the files
5. stop evolutio
6. killev
7. rm evolution local
8. mv evolution.old/[local|shoertcuts.xml|filters.xml] evolution
9. restart evolution
10. reconfigure evolution (fortunately i only have a mail source :-) )
11. All works fine again.

I'm using debian potato with the latest available snapshot.

Just to let you people know. Despicte this minor problems now and then
evolutions _is_ my mailer.

Best regards

P.S : feel free to ask questions that might enlighten your path to the
removal of this bug.

P.P.S : I think i'm starting to get affected by "The lord of the rings"
        Mario Filipe 
        mjnf uevora pt

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