Re: [Evolution] Ghost folder's

I have the folder and i normally read mail from it. One fine day the
folder bar says that i have mail on that folder. I switch to that folder
and ... nothing! No new messages no old messages everything is gone,
even though the mbox file has all the messages, etc.

Pressing the right arrow key should bring them back.

Left arrow/right arrow are bound to collapse/expand trees in the
threaded view. The trick is that there's an invisible top-level node
that all messages in the list are children of (even if you're not using
the threaded view), and it's possible to have that node become selected,
and if you hit left arrow then, it will collapse the entire tree into
invisbility. (One way to reproduce this is to delete the last message in
the folder when you have "Hide Deleted Messages" selected, then hit left

It's in bugzilla.

-- Dan

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