Re: [Evolution] new snapshot problems

I have similar problems (RH 6.2, ximian 1.4) with the latest snapshot
from red-carpet with my executive summary gone. The error from a
terminal says 

"evolution-shell-WARNING **: Invalid link while loading shortcut bar
view -- evolution:/local/Executive-Summary". 

My shortcut bar is also messed up, I have only 3 buttons, listed as
Inbox, Calendar and Contacts but both the Inbox and Calendar buttons
take it to the Inbox and Contacts goes to the calendar. I can navigate
the folders in the folder pane though. I tried reinstalling things as
Ted suggests but that didn't help. I am not using Vfolders right now so
I don't know if they are messed up with mine.


On 19 Jun 2001 12:01:16 +0800, Ted Targosz wrote:
OK, think i'm back to normal now... i think it was related to libgal7
vs. libgal8.   I noticed that I had copies of each installed and Evo,
gnumeric, ximian setup tools  and gtkhtml were dependent on one or the
other.  So i backed out evo, gnumeric, ximian setuptools and libgal7,
then reinstalled one by one (with the exception of ximian setup tools)
and it seemed to straighten itself out.

My vfolders are back and my shortcuts seem to be ok now...


On 19 Jun 2001 13:09:53 +0930, Not Zed wrote:
Umm, vfolders shouldn't be affected.  Are they done from shortcuts or
from the folder tree?

On 19 Jun 2001 11:17:16 +0800, Ted Targosz wrote:
I just downloaded the june 18 snapshot via red carpet.  I'm running
RH7.1 and Gnome 1.4

I was hoping the new snapshot would clear up my problems with using the
contacts with the "to:" button that I reported last week.  Alas, it
didn't and....

It whacked my Vfolders...  they are all gone, but the rules for them are
still showing in the Vfolder editor... 

Also, my shortcuts got all screwed up after Evo asked to delete my
executive summary folder, and the executive summary replacement "My
Evolution" seems to cause Evolution to segfault (it worked once the
first time i clicked on it, now segfaults every time). 

All these problems seem to be related, anybody else having this problem
with this snapshot?

Ted Targosz
Business Development/Operations Manager

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

Ted Targosz
Business Development/Operations Manager

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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