Re: [Evolution] new snapshot problems

Am 19 Jun 2001 11:17:16 +0800 schrieb Ted Targosz:
I just downloaded the june 18 snapshot via red carpet.  I'm running
RH7.1 and Gnome 1.4

I have a version from june 15 over CVS and detect these problems in
older versions too!

I was hoping the new snapshot would clear up my problems with using the
contacts with the "to:" button that I reported last week.  Alas, it
didn't and....

I think on june 8 or 9 it was working and lost afterwards.

It whacked my Vfolders...  they are all gone, but the rules for them are
still showing in the Vfolder editor... 

Sorry, no vfolders...

Also, my shortcuts got all screwed up after Evo asked to delete my
executive summary folder, and the executive summary replacement "My
Evolution" seems to cause Evolution to segfault (it worked once the
first time i clicked on it, now segfaults every time). 

Since "My Evolution" was introduced I haven't found no way to put it
into my shortcuts, but that is no sweat simply because       
 "My Evolution" is currently too much under development and it isn't
very useful at the moment (without configuration).

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