Re: [Evolution] .IBEX file? UPDATE

On 18 Jun 2001 15:45:00 +0100, Richard Russon wrote:
I thought he was saying that 'slow indexing' is not a problem?

Argh!  I shouldn't say things that can be quoted out of context :-)

I get a lot of mail, which I search through and then delete.
I was just concerned that we'd be saving lots of information
in indexes that wasn't useful.

A rarely used "Reindex everything" option would be nice, even
if it was slow, but if deleting the indexes is safe, then that
will do.

Ahhhah, yes deleting them is safe.  Turning them off may be an option;
you only really need them on if you are using vfolders with body
searches, which are a generally non-useful form of vfolders.

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