Re: [Evolution] contacts database problem

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 10:45:07AM -0400, thus said scott carle:
PS at least i have my addresses :) and before anyone tells me i shouldnt
keep mission critacal info in a beta software, i allready know. :) lol
so sue me ;)

I hear you.. :)

I am just setting up Mutt and Procmail to work with my Evolution mailboxes,
as I am experiencing some very weird linking problems with camel libs,
causing my evo to have no mailboxes.. not fun.

Any help would be appreciated btw, check out a screenshot of the error
dialog at 


I have no clue where to start debugging this.. This is a debian system on my
Powerbook G3 (powerpc), though it is not arch specific, I have seen it work
on a powerbook. I know debian wanted to update my glibc before this
happened, so I suspect it is something to blame

Anyway.. :) Life on the edge etc.. I guess.



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