RE: [Evolution] Charset for mail messages: ANSI_X3.4-1968?

My locale is lt_LT.iso8859-13, but evolution uses 8859-4.

The behavior I was talking about (using the locale charset) is in the
recent snapshots only. 0.10 had a hardcoded list of charsets to try, and
it did the 8859 variants in numerical order, and since -4 and -13 are
nearly identical, it would end up using -4.

But I don't like that Evolution does not allow me to choose charset

The snapshots (and the upcoming 0.11) allow you to pick a default
charset for outgoing messages. (Defaults to the locale charset). That
will also eventually be used as the default assumed encoding for
x-user-defined, etc. And you will be able to override incorrect
encodings for display, and change the encoding for specific messages in
the composer when you don't want to use the default.

-- Dan

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