Re: [Evolution] trying to figure out wombat crashes in the 0.10 preview

On 10 Jun 2001 11:49:50 -0700, Jon Nall wrote:
i just reproduced it a number of times by
1.  starting evolution
2a. Ctrl-N for a new message
2b. typing 3-4 characters in the "To:" field
2c. Ctrl-W to close the window (not saving changes)
3a. Ctrl-N for a (second) new message
3b. typing 3-4 characters in the "To:" field brings up the wombat crash

I just tried this and it works fine for me.  It may very well be a
problem with 0.10 that has been fixed since then.  This code has changed
in a number of ways recently.

Also, you might try upgrading your contact database in one of the number
of ways that has been described in the past.

Could you let us know if this is still happening if you try it from cvs
or when 0.11 comes out?


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