[Evolution] Latest CVS version extremely unstable

I just compiled the latest version from CVS, and evolution keeps dying
on my on startup. When I first fired it up, it detected an old evolution
summary folder and wanted to delete it. Since I haven't used that yet, I
said OK. Then evolution became very erratic on startup. The next time I
started evolution, it died a horrible death. The crash dialog said that
the process "evolution" crashed, but I can't get a back trace on it. I
immediately backed up my mail folders and started with a fresh evolution
folder. Curiously, the install still installs some Executive Summary
stuff that evolution wants to remove the next time it starts up. I have
been carefully trying to restore my mail, but at some point Evolution
just dies. It looks like when I recreate my either my virtual folder
view or filter, either by creating them afresh, or by copying over the
*.xml files, evolution starts crashing after a few restarts.

This brings me to my next question. I would love to live at the bleeding
edge and be helpful with bug reports, but not at the cost of losing my
mail. Can I run a separate copy of evolution from a separate folder, ie.
after "make", but not "make install", so that I have a working evolution
to fall back on? I had tried that some time ago, but it complained about
missing libs.



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