Re: [Evolution] Snapshots, FTP and Source RPMs

On 10 Jun 2001 05:47:42 -0400, Christopher James Lahey wrote:
On 08 Jun 2001 12:09:40 -0600, Dan Hensley wrote:
I tried the above command, including variations, and it didn't work.
What I'm trying to do now is something along the lines of
strings addressbook.db > tempfile
(edit tempfile to remove certain lines)
Import via Evolution importer.

I was able to do this in the past last time this fiasco came up for me.
Unfortunately now, the Evolution importer doesn't work at all.  I go
through the druid until I get to Import, and when I click on it nothing
happens.  Is the importer known to be broken right now (using CVS from
about 2 days ago)?

If db_dump185 doesn't work, it may be because you have a db that is from
a version later than 1.85.  If this is the case, the latest CVS
addressbooks should theoretically just work.

I don't know why the importer wouldn't work.

I must have updated from something in progress last time.  I updated
from CVS tonight, and now things appear to be working much better.  My
contacts came back, and the import dialog that had kept coming up no
matter what now doesn't come up when I tell it not to ask me again.  The
importer seems like it might be working as well.  At least it got past
the Import page and asked me where to put the results, but I canceled
since my contacts are back.



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