Re: [Evolution] the contact's filing system

On 10 Jun 2001 05:40:01 -0400, Christopher James Lahey wrote:
On 09 Jun 2001 00:08:27 +0100, mark wrote:
Just a quick question and will probally be cleared up with a quick
answer :-)
Iam still sticking with the official evo-0.10,and iam wondering on the
contacts section, on hte right hand side the are letters/numbers to sort
the contacts out in the correect section.
I have noticed that they don't do anything at all.Is this a function
that will be addressed in future releases?

I'd like these to do something at some point, but as you say, they do
nothing right now.  Sorry.  I've been thinking about having them do a


My first reaction to these buttons was that they would just move to the
spot in the contacts list where the last name started with that letter,
or would return a page with just those names starting with it. I imagine
that would be the expectation of most users too. In any case a way to
move quickly within the list without having to type in a search or
scrolling manually is important with large contact lists.

        Just my $.02,


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