[Evolution] Evolution startup problem...

Hello again,

maybe my first try to send a request is gone anywhere...

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I am new to this list and evolution and still try hard to get it to run,
but whatever I try, there is this problem with
"Cannot initialize the Evolution shell".
After compiling evolution 0.10 from tar and installing lots of updates
and other packages (I am using KDE as desktop), I got this error in the
same way as if I install the rpm-package.
I do all things I have found in the FAQ's and older mails but nothing
oafd is in the PATH, the oaf-files are readable, and in the propper
directories, evolution etc. is the PATH....

evolution starts with the following sequence:
$ evolution
Trying dir /opt/gnome/share/oaf
Trying dir /opt/gnome
Trying dir /usr
Trying dir
Trying dir /usr/share/oaf
Trying dir /opt/gnome/share/oaf
Trying dir /opt/gnome/bin
Trying dir /opt/gnome/share/oaf
Trying dir /usr/share/oaf

The message with the error "Cannot..." appears and thats all...
OAF_INFO_PATH is set to GNOME_PATH, or removed...
killev, oaf-slay, evolution doesn't help...
oafd seems to run
$ ps aux
emmel     1815  0.0  1.1  2632 1464 ?        S    12:14   0:00 oafd
--ac-activate --ior-output-fd=10

If I try to start the other parts (evolution-mail,
nothing happens, the program seems to wait forever for something

Is there some way to get more information, maybe with --debug???

Any help needed.
Thanks in advance


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Emmel

TU Darmstadt: Inst. f. Mechanik (FB6) AG IV
              Hochschulstr. 1,       64289 Darmstadt 
              Tel.: +49 (6151) 16 49 66, FAX: +49 (6151) 16 30 18
e-mail: emmel mechanik tu-darmstadt de, thomas family-emmel de
www   : http://coulomb.mechanik.tu-darmstadt.de/~emmel

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