[Evolution] Crash while editing mail account.

I recently noticed that somehow Evo renamed one of my mail accounts from
my name to something like ISO-'some numbers here'.  I went in to edit
this back to my name.  The mail component crashes.  I have tried this
repeatedly with the same results.

Any attempts to delete the mail account also crash mail.

Editing/deleting other accounts goes just fine.

This was the first account I created and used to be default.  I switched
that a while back with no problems.

I am new to bug reporting.  When bug buddy pops up and I try to use it
to submit a bug, nothing like Evo or Ximian appear in the list.  What
would be useful info for you monkeys and how/where should I report it?
Is there a Ximian bug reporting FAQ somewhere?  I could sure use it!


        John Graber

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