Re: [Evolution] Usability

Wow. I hadn't realized the code was even in there. There's no indication
(until you actually do it) that clicking is going to do anything.

  Indeed.  We probably need some icon there, like in Mozilla.  Although,
this has the slight advantage that you can hide by clicking anywhere,
while in Mozilla you have to click on the arrow at the center of the

Also, if I click on the folder tree/view separator, it shrinks, but not
all the way. ??

  I think it's just setting the size to the minimum; i.e. the size
requested by its children...  Which is the only thing it can do, as it's
trying to be polite and not forceably hide a user-provided widget.

  This is actually one more reason why the current approach is no good.
As far as I am concerned, it currently qualifies as a Bad Hack.  :-)


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