Re: [Evolution] Usability

[Hiding the (pre)view pane.]
Anyway, people seem to want this. Chris, what's the status of the EPaned
snap-to-left/right/top/bottom thing? I guess we could make it so it
doesn't download the message if you have no display pane visible.

  It seems to be doing something for the vertical pane case, but it
doesn't work for the horizontal one.

  Anyway, the way it works now is wrong.  EPaned shouldn't try to be
smart and handle the hide/show mechanism by itself.  By doing this, it
is hiding information about the position of the paned for the case where
the pane is shown, so you cannot save it when you save the session --
you can only save a pane position of zero if the pane is hidden.  So,
for example, if you hide the shortcut bar by clicking on the handle,
exit Evolution and restart it, the shortcut bar will be hidden, but
clicking on the handle won't show it again.

  Instead, it should just let the application catch the mouse click on
the handle, and let it decide what to do about it.  Or at least give a
way to handle this information more nicely.

  So I think we should remove that feature from EPaned and/or change the
EPaned API so that it's possible to handle that correctly from within
the mail component and the shell.


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