Re: [Evolution] Usability

On 01 Jun 2001 09:54:28 -0500, Lonnie J. Borntreger wrote:
I have a couple of usability related feature requests.

1 - Preview Pane.

It's not a preview, it's a view. :)

Anyway, people seem to want this. Chris, what's the status of the EPaned
snap-to-left/right/top/bottom thing? I guess we could make it so it
doesn't download the message if you have no display pane visible.

Also note that there is some way to move through the message list
without selecting messages. I think it's Control+Up/Down? (Although
Sawfish seems to grab that on my system.). Not obvious, I know.

ways than selecting "normal, heading, etc.".  I would like to be able to
specify a font family for a word or paragraph.  I'm guessing this is a
gtkhtml limitation??

More of an HTML limitation. There's no guarantee that the person who
receives your mail is going to be able to display the fonts you choose.

I don't know if we have any plans to put any font selection stuff in the
composer at any point.

Bug or incomplete feature: I sent a meeting request from my Outlook
(Internet mode) at work to my Evolution at home.  Evolution correctly
recognized the request, allowed me to accept the meeting, but the reply
ended up back at my Outlook email as having a text attachment, not a
calendar attachment.

If you send a meeting request from evolution to evolution, it won't
recognize it either, so this doesn't surprise me. Yeah, this isn't done

daily until this issue).  It seems that autoheader is complaining about
issues with 'divert' syntax in the xml-i18n-tools.m4 file

I believe this is fixed with the latest xml-i18n-tools.

-- Dan

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