Re: [Evolution] Usability

On 01 Jun 2001 20:14:14 +0500, Dan Winship wrote:
On 01 Jun 2001 09:54:28 -0500, Lonnie J. Borntreger wrote:
I have a couple of usability related feature requests.

1 - Preview Pane.

It's not a preview, it's a view. :)

Anyway, people seem to want this. Chris, what's the status of the EPaned
snap-to-left/right/top/bottom thing? I guess we could make it so it
doesn't download the message if you have no display pane visible.

It works for horizontal panes.  We're not sure why it doesn't for
vertical ones.  However, this would pop to the top.  It also would only
set the height of the gtkhtml widget to 0, not hide it.

Hiding the gtkhtml based on a menu setting seems to me like it would
make more sense.  This would mean that it wouldn't get displayed if you
resized the window larger.  It would also make the handle bar go away.
You could have the setting that outlook does to only show the pane once
the user clicks on a message.  (It would be a 3 way setting.  Always on,
Always off, or Auto.)

Also note that there is some way to move through the message list
without selecting messages. I think it's Control+Up/Down? (Although
Sawfish seems to grab that on my system.). Not obvious, I know.

This is correct.  Control+Up/Down.  However, it doesn't select the
message so things like "set read" or "delete" don't work.  I'm not sure
what the solution to this is other than not showing the view pane all
the time.


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