[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Downloading and installing Berkeley DB 3.1.17


if you are user of 3.2.9 and now install 3.1.17 then 3.1.17 will
overwrite the includes of 3.2.9 :) and my whole system depends on

  Not at all if you follow the instructions I posted.

  If you specify an installation prefix of /opt/berkeleydb-3.1.17 by
passing --prefix=/opt/berkeleydb-3.1.17 to the configure script, the
3.1.17 headers will be installed into /opt/berkeleydb-3.1.17/include so
your old headers in /usr/include (or wherever you have them) won't be

  Make /opt/berkeleydb-3.1.17 owned by your non-root account and install
as non-root if you don't trust me. :-)


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