[Evolution] Downloading and installing Berkeley DB 3.1.17

OK, I see many people are having troubles with this.  So, the following
is a safe way to compile Evolution from CVS:

    * Get the Sleepycat tarball from:


    * Compile according to instructions, but installing into some custom
      prefix, e.g:

        ../dist/configure --prefix=/opt/berkeleydb-3.1.17

    * Autogen Evolution specifying that it has to look for the DB
      library there, eg.:

        ./autogen.sh --prefix=/opt/gnome

  Notice that this method also works if you have a different version of
Berkeley DB installed already, and doesn't mess up your existing
packages or your distribution.

  I strongly suggest doing this until we figure out a way to make the
libdb situation less painful for users.

  I hope this helps,


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