Re: [Evolution] new user impressions

2.6 I can't resize the date field in the message list.  I would
      be happy with a simple 01/16 for the date.  I prefer leaving the
      space for more subject.  Also, I'd like to change the order of the

You should be able to do both of these.  If the date field is at the
right edge of the display, you should be able to resize it by dragging
the left end of that column's header. To reorder columns, you drag the
column headers to another place in the header.  If either of these don't
work, please let me know.

That's the best resize and moving I've ever seen, especially the moving.
I could swear this didn't work when I tried it yesterday.  Is there a
moon-phase module in the calendar that leaks over to the mailer?

I don't suppose there's a way of changing the date display format?  I'm
partial to MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS in this case.

2.7 Numbers.  I know that'll be controversial, but I get lost
Doing this actually wouldn't be very hard at all, and would easily be


The main thing I'm not sure of would be whether it would be possible to
have it change the numbers if you sort the list.  The sorting is done as

Unfortunately, to be useful for landmarking they need to be sequential.

Thanks for the comments,

Thanks for taking them in good humor.


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