Re: [Evolution] new user impressions

On 17 Jan 2001 01:32:04 -0700, Brian Grossman wrote:
2.2 When I search for "voicemail" then say show all, the first
      message of that search would be a good one to center in the
      message list.  Or the first selected one, which I think should
      remain selected.  As it is, on "show all" the message lists starts
      over at the top and the selected messages are deselected.

There's some recent work that may make maintaining selections easier.
I'm not sure when this will get fixed though.  It's definitely on the
list of things that needs to be done.

      Switching to Outbox then back to Inbox retains my place in the
      message list and my selected messages.

This is because they are separate widgets, whereas when you do show all
or a search, it's changing the state of the widget you're looking at.

2.6 I can't resize the date field in the message list.  I would
      be happy with a simple 01/16 for the date.  I prefer leaving the
      space for more subject.  Also, I'd like to change the order of the

You should be able to do both of these.  If the date field is at the
right edge of the display, you should be able to resize it by dragging
the left end of that column's header. To reorder columns, you drag the
column headers to another place in the header.  If either of these don't
work, please let me know.

2.7 Numbers.  I know that'll be controversial, but I get lost
      when scrolling around in a large list of messages.  Numbers would
      make nice landmarks.  It couldn't be on by default though, since
      it would confuse most people when the numbers change after they
      delete a message or resort the list.  Or maybe I'm just too
      used to MH.

Doing this actually wouldn't be very hard at all, and would easily be
optional (we have a system for allowing the user to customize the
columns displayed.)  The only thing would be how you pick the numbers.
The main thing I'm not sure of would be whether it would be possible to
have it change the numbers if you sort the list.  The sorting is done as
a postprocessing step essentially, and all of the data is bound together
already.  This makes it somewhat hard to have the association of the
numbers to the messages change if you do a sort.

Thanks for the comments,

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