Re: [Evolution] More problems with evolution

Hi all,

Dan Winship wrote:
So, note that CVS Evolution is unstable, and random crashes like this
aren't totally unexpected, and if you're having problems, you might

This is clear. We just thought these bug reports could be useful.

It must be an FAQ but is there a web site where I can look at the
recent bug reports? seems to be empty.

Also, I don't know if you're using the real GNOME CVS or anoncvs, but
of course, the bug fixes tend to lag on anoncvs.

I use a (Sun) internal daily mirror of, but I haven't
rebuilt evolution since 8 Jan.

I'm going to rebuild it soon to see if those problems are gone.

In the "Day" and "5 Day" views any data entered into the calendar
is not visible.  It seems to be white text on a white background.
If you highlight the cell after entering data, you can see the

Hm... maybe a problem with themes? Are you using a non-default theme?
And if so, does it display correctly if you switch to default?

I'm using the default theme.



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