Re: [Evolution] Save hooks again - more details...

On 11 Jan 2001 13:28:49 -0500, Michael Leone wrote:
I got a few replies on my feature request and seems like I need to
explain a little bit more detailed what I mean.  I'm not talking about
regular filters or vfolders. Those I know (and use), but it's not what
I mean. Save hooks are like filters, but they are not applied when
the mail gets received. Imgine this scenario (which is pretty close
to the truth for me and many others...)

You email with friends and coworkers a lot, and you like to file
messages in a folder per person. However you want to read and
reply to those messages from you inbox, so they need to show

Why? Since you're going to be filing them in another folder anyway, why not
just answer from there?
I'm unclear as to what is gained by doing it this way.

I have hundreds of contacts and it's just not practical to have
unanswered mail distributed
into the folders. I need a single location where all these mails show up
first. Maybe it's just
my way of doing things...

up there. When done you like to file the message away into
this persons folder. OK you say why not a filter that copies the
mail into the persons folder and leaves it in the inbox, so you
can delete it there when done with it? Well, I don't know for whom
I have a 'copy' rule already and for whom not. I may loose mail
because I imagine a persons folder where ther is none.

Plus, it doubles the storage requirements for that message. Imagine a
message with a 34M attachment (yes, I actually got one like that once :-)

Well it's only taking up double space until the mail is answered and
removed. But still it's
not a workable solution.


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