Re: [Evolution] Save hooks again - more details...

Bodo Bauer wrote:

I have hundreds of contacts and it's just not practical to have
unanswered mail distributed into the folders. I need a single location where all these 
mails show up first. Maybe it's just my way of doing things...

Disclaimer: I haven't played with Evo yet (still awaiting stable Solaris
build that'll run on my workstation!), so I don't know what it offers in
terms of mail filtering rules.  But it sounds like rules are currently
processed as soon as the mail arrives?

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like one solution to your
problem would be able to specify *when* each rule you create is carried
out.  E.g. as soon as the email arrives, or as soon as you have replied
to it, or (if you don't wish to reply but still want to file it in a
predefined folder) when you select those message(s) and click a "process
the rules for these messages now" button.

I don't think this is *quite* what you described, as this way the
message still only ever exists in one folder at any one time.  But it
could still be quite a powerful wee feature...


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