Re: [Evolution] vcard intergration -- feature request

Hello Jason,
One (painful) way to get around the vcard issue would be to attach all
120 vcards in an email to yourself.... Crappy, yes...but it would do the
trick as you can then add them to your contacts one at a time.... :-( 
I'm sure our friends at Helixcode are working on something a bit easier,
but it may be a while.....
As for #2, I know Helixcode is working on this as we speak...

Garrett Mickelson

On 02 Jan 2001 16:53:59 -0500, Jason Straw wrote:

First off Evolution is great.  I use it any time I can get to a internet 
connection and Linux!! I have only a couple of features I see missing.

1.    Will there ever be vcard intergration with evolution.  Right now I 
have a vcard list of 120+ people, and it would be a pain to transfer.

2.    Will there be a address collector which will collect all the email 
addresses sent through it.  Mozilla implements it as a feature.  It has 
been ever useful to me, but I wouldn't mind having to transfer addresses...

Jason Straw
jstraw towhee com

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com


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