Re: [Evolution] Composer not working

  Yep.  We're working on it.  If I'm not mistaken, it's an issue with
conflicts between Red Carpet and Evolution that will be resolved by the
next version of Bonobo. (Or the next versions of RC and Evo).

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.

On 22 Feb 2001 18:09:30 -0500, Brian Lalor wrote:
When I try to compose a new message, forward or reply to a message, I get
a dialog saying "cannot open composer window" or somesuch.  The debug
output in my xterm is

Bonobo-WARNING **: Could not open help topics file NULL for app

Bonobo-WARNING **: Object is NIL

Bonobo-WARNING **: Activation exception 'Moniker interface cannot be

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkobject.c: line 1179 (gtk_object_unref): assertion
`object->ref_count > 0' failed.

evolution-mail-WARNING **: Could not create composer

I'm running the latest snapshot from Ximian's red carpet.

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