Re: [Evolution] outgoing smtp servers

Why no do it this way.

You hav a seperate set up for the smtp server(s) which you do first
first. Then you set up the mail account, selecting the smtp server to
use for this account from a drop down box.  The wizard should be able to
cope with this easily, but either requesting the smpt details if no
server exists, or allowing you to add a new smtp server or select from a
list of existing smtp servers.

By doing this, you create the ability to have different smtp servers
from each account.  However, if an smpt server that is used for multiple
accounts changes you can just edit the one smtp reference, instead of
having to change each one individually (which people seem to be saying
is a real pain in the butt).

This would give evo the functionality it currently has, but would
greatly improve management of mail accounts.

While on mail account.  I have numerous email addresses that all point
to the one mail box.  Currently, I either have to set up different
configurations for each address (which results in multiple copies of
each messages being downloaded), or I just don't set up the email
address (which means I can't use it).  It would be great if evo could
recognise that these email addresses are all for one mail box and only
download the messages once, or better, have the mail configuration tool
allow me to have aliases for mail boxes so I can list multiple email
addresses belonging to one account which would mean messages are only
downloaded once, but also that mail box admin could be far simpler to
set up and I could be able to select from the different addresses that I
want to be able to use.


I'd think this would actually be a bigger inconvenience for the users
who actually need the different SMTP servers because they'd have to set
2 options each time they send email.

The sendmail idea has merit, but it steers the prospective mobile Evolution
user towards wrestling with quite possibly the most complex config file of
them all.  Not all of the Evo-users-to-be are going to be NEARLY as
technically inclined as the members of this list.

I agree which is why I wrote the SMTP code in the first place ;-)


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