Re: [Evolution] Netscape addresses, features & bugs


On 21 Feb 2001 16:23:25 -0500, Matthew T. Jachimstal wrote:
Is there (or will there be) and way to import addresses stored in
Netscape's address file? 


Along the same lines, I know that the crashing of the contact component
has been discussed lately. Has this been fixed and I need to do
something special, or is still coming? I'm running cvs.2001.
and wombat crashes when I try to "Save and Close" the add a contact

I'm not sure about this one.  If it's not fixed yet, it will be fixed
soon. :>

And, a couple of feature requests I think I've seen go by that I'd like
to second that I fogot about the other day.
-It would be nice if the folders list would retain its settings of which
are expanded and which are collapsed when evo is shut down.

That would be nice. I'll make a note of it.

-Autocompletion of To, Cc and Bcc addresses.

That's one we're planning on having.

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.

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