[Evolution] Netscape addresses, features & bugs

Is there (or will there be) and way to import addresses stored in
Netscape's address file? I tried setting up an LDAP server, but had a
hell of a time figuring it out, as did two other people in the office.
The biggest thing keeping my boss from switching is the multitude of
addresses he has in Netscape.

Along the same lines, I know that the crashing of the contact component
has been discussed lately. Has this been fixed and I need to do
something special, or is still coming? I'm running cvs.2001.
and wombat crashes when I try to "Save and Close" the add a contact

And, a couple of feature requests I think I've seen go by that I'd like
to second that I fogot about the other day.

-It would be nice if the folders list would retain its settings of which
are expanded and which are collapsed when evo is shut down.

-Autocompletion of To, Cc and Bcc addresses.

Thanks for all the hard work.


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