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Just wondering what's up with the snaps?  I took the risk and ran Red Carpet
knowing that it woul break the composer.  However, I'm not seeing any
snapshots today and now I'm resorting back to Citrix'n in to an Exchange
client :~(.  Is there something broken on my side or is this a common

Man, that mail formatting stinks -;^>=

Here's what I did.  I went to ftp.ximian.com (evolution-snapshots
directory), and grabbed both gtkhtml and gtkhtml-devel.  I then
"upgraded" both packages from the newer, busted version supplied by
RedCarpet with the older, functional ones supplied by the evo snaps.

Now everything is back to normal, and I will be waiting a loooooooooong
time before I take any more magic carpet rides...

- Not to be confused with evil twin, Spankmonkey

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