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Relaying is just the idea of getting a mail server to accept and redeliver
mail for an address that isn't local to it.  Almost every time you deliver a
message to an SMTP server you are relaying.  Most mail servers are set up to
only allow mail relaying if the sender is using an IP belonging to the ISP
who owns the mail server.  This may be best understood in an example...
Earthlink's mail server will only allow relaying from IPs within the
Earthlink owned IP range.  I feel that the idea that a mail server may check
the From address and allow you to relay from anywhere just because you have
an email address that ends in is only a stopgap put in place
so people don't have to change the SMTP server for every account they have
set up.

I understand why you wrote it this way but I feel that people should use the
SMTP server for their assigned IP block.  This has to do more with
etiquitte, politics, and the ability to help trace or stop spam than RFCs.

Maybe a good middle ground would be to allow people to set an SMTP server
per account like they do now, but if left blank outgoing mail would go to
the default SMTP server defined in the drop-down under Options.

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On 22 Feb 2001 13:05:50 -0500, Terry Ewing wrote:
I think there may be an easier way.  You could just remove the SMTP
from the account setup altogether.  You could then place the SMTP server
setting in the general setup menu and use it for all accounts.  There is
really no reason to use seperate SMTP servers for different accounts.

In most cases, you need to have an SMTP server for each identity (or for
most identities at least) because a lot of servers don't allow relaying
which basically means unless your identity's email address matches the
SMTP domain, then you won't be able to send mail. This is why I set it
up this way.


I don't think there needs to be a drop down menu in the message
Once the user opens the composer the smtp server is already known and
not need to be asked.  I do agree though that currently using local
is the most "laptop friendly" way to deliver mail but if the mail
deliver on the first try and I shut down my laptop the mail may never
the recipient.

Well, the reason we have an SMTP server per account is because that's
usually how things are setup. I've mad the config druid default the
server to the default settings for each account you create after the
first which should ease creating new accounts. I think that having
another drop-down menu in the composer would be too much and probably
confusing for users and for those users who have their identities
with SMTP servers for a reason might find it a bit of a pain to have
select 2 option-menus and make sure they correspond to each other.

Probably the best way for you to setup your system would be to set
SMTP servers to use "sendmail" rather than a remote server. This is
probably the best way to make it "laptop friendly".

It's really a hard problem to solve and the current way is the
solution that answers all of the needs (even if it is a bit of a pain
a few situations like yours).


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