[Evolution] outgoing smtp servers

I think that Evolution is falling into one of the bad "features" of Outlook
Express.  When I set up a new email account I don't think I should have to
specify an smtp server (outgoing email server.)

 I have about 5 different pop3 accounts that I check.  I also own a domain
name and have all email for that domain directed to one pop3 account.  In
order to make this work I have created a bunch of accounts in Outlook
Express like the one I use for this list (evo-users deadtrout com).  By
setting up seperate accounts and unchecking the checkmark that say "include
this account when recieving mail" I can use these accounts to send mail
from.  In short, this means that I have tons of accounts set up although I
only check mail from a few.

Just this week I changed ISPs and therefore had to change my SMTP server for
each account.  The way I understand net etiquitte I should use the smtp
server designated for the IP address I am currently using no matter which
account I send mail from.  There should be no need to specify an SMTP server
per account.  By taking the SMTP server out of the per-account settings and
putting it in  a general mail config window you could make Evolution much
more laptop-friendly too.  It sould be a drop-down selection too allowing
you to select an outgoing mail server that you had previously input.

Any thoughts?


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