Re: [Evolution] outgoing smtp servers

On 22 Feb 2001 12:09:26 -0500, Terry Ewing wrote:
I think that Evolution is falling into one of the bad "features" of Outlook
Express.  When I set up a new email account I don't think I should have to
specify an smtp server (outgoing email server.)

 I have about 5 different pop3 accounts that I check.  I also own a domain
name and have all email for that domain directed to one pop3 account.  In
order to make this work I have created a bunch of accounts in Outlook
Express like the one I use for this list (evo-users deadtrout com).  By
setting up seperate accounts and unchecking the checkmark that say "include
this account when recieving mail" I can use these accounts to send mail
from.  In short, this means that I have tons of accounts set up although I
only check mail from a few.

We're working on the ability to be able to check-off which accounts you
want to check from right now, I should be commiting the gui code for
this and I believe Zucchi has the backend code ready to go for this.

Just this week I changed ISPs and therefore had to change my SMTP server for
each account.  The way I understand net etiquitte I should use the smtp
server designated for the IP address I am currently using no matter which
account I send mail from.  There should be no need to specify an SMTP server
per account.  By taking the SMTP server out of the per-account settings and
putting it in  a general mail config window you could make Evolution much
more laptop-friendly too.  It sould be a drop-down selection too allowing
you to select an outgoing mail server that you had previously input.

Well, the reason we have an SMTP server per account is because that's
usually how things are setup. I've mad the config druid default the SMTP
server to the default settings for each account you create after the
first which should ease creating new accounts. I think that having
another drop-down menu in the composer would be too much and probably
confusing for users and for those users who have their identities linked
with SMTP servers for a reason might find it a bit of a pain to have to
select 2 option-menus and make sure they correspond to each other.

Probably the best way for you to setup your system would be to set your
SMTP servers to use "sendmail" rather than a remote server. This is
probably the best way to make it "laptop friendly".

It's really a hard problem to solve and the current way is the simplest
solution that answers all of the needs (even if it is a bit of a pain in
a few situations like yours).


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