Re: [Evolution] Some bugs (I think ;)

The "http://"; is a protocol which is not for sending emails so you don't
want to be using that as part of the server name. If you leave that off
it should work for you.

As far as the fonts, you should be able to set them in the


On 22 Feb 2001 17:38:29 +0100, Andras B. wrote:

I tried a Debian Evolution snapshot and I am very impressed. I tried
Evolution some times, but it never really worked for me...but you've
really done a *very* great job ;)
I have some problems though:
* Evolution sometimes does not mark messages as read when reading them
so it shows a wrong number of unread messages in the shortcuts/folder
* If i set up an SMTP Server which starts with http:// (I don't really
know if this is right, but it has always worked for me.) next time I
go to the menu, Evolution tells me the server is "http", which is not
very nice. ;)
Oh, another problem, that I can't set up VFolders is gone.
And I have a (low priority ;) questions:
Is there a way to change the font for the mail viewer/editor?

Bye, Andras
The sticker on the side of the box said "Supported Platforms: Win 95,
Win NT 4.0 or better", so clearly Linux was a supported platform.      

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